who we are

We provide web3-based asset neutrality
and mechanisms related to the form
of rights and externalities.



The ExotrustX team has significant backgrounds in global real estate,
finance and technology. We choose high-quality properties based on
our knowledge of the market, careful assessment by our
real estate background investors, and an exhaustive,
ongoing screening procedure by a legal firm.
As investors, it is important for you to have access to transparent &
accurate data on bond prices & bond features. Only then can you make
informed investment decisions.
We at ExotrustX help with both – tracking & trading – of bonds conveniently
via an Platform

We at ExotrustX help with both – tracking & trading – of bonds
conveniently via an Platform

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Our principle

Safety & Privacy are our priorities

Users engage with the ExoTrustX platform via a non-custodial wallet, which stores cryptocurrency
tokens under their complete control.

Asset Selection and Evaluation

We have experts in finance, security, and real estate
who select and evaluate assets in each field.
Based on the accurate evaluation of real assets by experts,
real assets are tokenized on-chain and the exact issuance
amount is determined.

Check legal regulations

Regarding the transfer of ownership of real assets to be
converted into tokens, the legal status of tokens, and the
rights and obligations of investors, etc.
Clearly apply national law review.

Our team

ExoturstX is in a strong position to ride this trend because of its
strong team, completed product, and experienced security expert.
Our team is made up of experienced professionals in the fields of real
estate and blockchain technology, and we are committed
to providing you with the best possible experience.

Tokenization works

The mechanism used to upload assets on-chain varies from project to project.
In the case of Exotrustx, we conduct due diligence on physical sales (real estate, bonds, artwork, etc.) with legal experts independent of the company.
Exotrustx verifies real assets directly to confirm the right to sell and ownership, and directly manages sensitive issues such as rent.

Afterwards, the Exotrustx project's unique method called IAO (participate in introducing real asset on-chain) is used. Exotrustx community members can participate in IAO for RA (Real Asset) investment in the same way as stock IPOs and virtual asset ICOs, and RWAs for which IAOs are successful are listed and tokenized using Exotrustx's unique protocol, ensuring ownership and trading. . This token will be paid in tokens such as ERC-20/TRC20/BSC, and thereafter IAO participants will receive additional compensation for participating in IAO and providing liquidity.


The UI/UX is also user-friendly and developed to make it easy
to see which bonds have what yield and how their prices have changed.
The credit ratings of the bonds are also specified. In addition to transactions,
we also provide services that can manage the portfolio of tokenized bonds purchased by investors,
as well as solutions that can manage cash flow, such as bond maturity dates and bond coupon payment dates.

In addition, it supports trading of various real assets such as various
financial products, emerging market stocks, private equity fund investments,
and agricultural farmland using RWA. Security will also apply KYC and AML processes.


EXOT(Exotrust) Token

Exo Trust is a business name that combines two important keywords in the
world of finance and technology: decentralization and trust.
The prefix “exo” usually means “external” or “external”,
meaning a departure from traditional centralized financial systems.
The word “trust” conveys reliability and confidence,
which are essential for any business dealing with financial transactions.
Therefore, Exo Trust is a name that signifies a trustworthy and trustworthy
decentralized financial system.
It's a catchy and meaningful name, making it an excellent choice for any business
operating in the world of decentralized finance.


ExoTrust Real Estate

  • It is used for payment for on-chain tokens of RWA (real world assets).
  • It is linked to the BHPAY Platform and used for recharging Pdexcard.
  • Pdexcard is a credit cryptocurrency card.